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About Ougarit


The Ougarit Group works across Palestine for a number of national and international clients. It is headquartered at the Ougarit Building in Al-Bireh, Ramallah.

Established by its Directors, Amal Daraghmeh Masri and Khaled Masri in 1998, it has its roots firmly in Palestine but benefits from the international experience (France, Italy) of its Directors and its many associates.


Marketing. Communication. Media   Continuous Professional Development   Event Management  Al Qalam Printing


Our Philosophy

Ougarit believes in transparency and fairness in business. We believe that businesses have a right to succeed. With this in mind, we are passionate about the work we do for our clients.

We prefer to partner with clients to build long-term relationships – we are part of their success and they, in turn, become part of ours.

Ougarit's Corporate Social Responsibility policy is as follows:

  • we will not work with cigarette producers or organizations creating products that are harmful to humans, animals or the environment
  • we train new graduates in graphic design and marketing, allowing them to gain as much experience as possible and become professionals in their field
  • we support various local and national charities who focus on health issues (Dunya Center for Female Cancers and Breast Cancer Awareness Events) and business education for young people

Our People

We realize we are in the people business.

For example, we don’t deal only with inanimate products and services, but rather with the people who promote or sell the products and services and, of course, their target audience.

We want you to know what type of people we are – these quick questions and answers show that we are diverse, fun loving, professional and extraordinary people.

We are Ougarit...



Mrs Amal Daraghmeh

Mrs Amal Daraghmeh Masri – CEO of Ougarit Group for Marketing, founder and current head of the founding committee of the Palestine PR, Communications and Advertising Federation. Mrs Masri is currently a member (and former board member) of Palestinian Women's Society for Development and a founding member and former President of Business Women Forum of Palestine and is a current board member. Mrs Masri is founder and current board member of 'Middle East Business Women's Network' . Member at the Palestinian Federation of Industry.
She appears in the  'Top Ten Influential Arab Women working in Public Relations in the Arab world' and is a member of the Chamber of Commerce. Recently she was chosen to appear on the 'Model Arab Women' TV programme which is supported by the Arab League. Mrs Masri has spoken at many international conferences: recently this includes 'New Arab Women's Forum' in Beirut. She headed and organized the first PR and Communication Conference in Palestine, it was celebrated as only the third of its kind in the Arab world. Mrs Masri has Graduated from French universities. Amal is one of nine sisters and one brother. Married with 2 daughters (Yarra16, Loor13) and one son (Walid 7years). To know more about Mrs Daraghmeh Masri:


My favorite film… ‘L’ ours’ (The Bear)
My favorite book… ‘La bicyclette bleu’
My favorite colors… green and blue
I can’t live without… family and my work
My favorite meal… grilled salmon
I hope… for Independence for Palestine
I enjoy… nature

Mr Khaled Masri

Mr Khaled Masri is Chairman of Ougarit Group and Production Manager at Al Qalam Printing & Publishing Company. He is a member of the Palestine Printing Federation and the Chamber of Commerce.

My favorite film… anything old/historical based
My favorite book… political books
My favorite colors… green, yellow and blue
I can’t live without… my family and friends
My favorite meal… pasta or pizza
I hope… for a detached home with its own garden
I enjoy… travelling, swimming and working

Creative Team

Mr Kamil Qalalweh

My favorite film… ‘The Last of the Mohicans’
My favorite book… ‘Angels and Demons’ by Dan Brown
My favorite colors… black
I can’t live without… my books
I most want… to be myself
My favorite meal… taboulha
I hope… for peace 
I enjoy… reading and painting
My favorite music… opera \ new age

Mr Amer Ibn Almajed Qatamen

My favorite film… ‘A Walk to Remember’
My favorite book… by Ahlam Mosteghanemi
My favorite colors… Blue & Pink
I can’t live without… My computer
I most want... To be my own boss one day
My favorite meal… Malfouf
                                 I hope… Establish my own graphic design company
                                 I enjoy… Design & Shopping
                                My favorite music… Romantic

Marketing & PR Team

Mrs Deema Obaid

My favorite film… ‘The Hills Have Eyes 2’
My favorite book… Any poem by Mahmod Darwesh
My favorite color… pink 
I can’t live without… my family
I most want… good health
My favorite meal… dawale
I hope… to become an expert in my role
I enjoy… being with my husband and my son

Home / Your Needs

Your Needs


Ougarit operates a cost structure that works well for those with a variety of budgets, whether that means emerging companies or established businesses, and has experience of working with a wide range of sectors.


Marketing. Communication. Media

As a new business, you may need help to develop your marketing strategy, or as a brand leader, need assistance to roll out a fully fledged campaign. Ougarit can help with all types of projects, large and small.

For example you may need a new corporate identity, a simple redevelopment of a current logo, or a full market research project to discover details of your market share on a national scale.

You may have ideas for a point of sale stand but not know who can develop a prototype, or need advice about how to enter into a new marketplace; if so, our experience and professionalism will ensure you are given the right advice to suit your budget and timescale. We own many billboards across Palestine in premium locations to help our clients reach their target audiences with high impact images on larger scale.

Ougarit is delighted to be the official business partner for Business Focus Productions in Palestine, through Business Focus Palestine magazine.

PR & Communications

Marketing. Communication. Media

It’s all about reputation. It's the result of what you do, what you say, and what others say about you. It is used to gain trust and understanding between an organisation and its various target markets - whether that's employees, customers, investors or the local community.

Our team takes pride in the PR campaigns we develop and aim to meet our clients' needs by paying particular attention to their individual target markets.

With expertise in raising greater awareness of our clients' products and services, our team translates that awareness into brand loyalty and improved sales figures. We work with local and international print and online journalists, and with radio and TV stations throughout Palestine thereby ensuring that your message reaches its various audiences.

We have experience in the full range of PR work: from developing strategies to the implementation of long term PR campaigns; from press conferences to analyst meetings; and from PR for products or corporate organisations to innovative strategies to use social media or develop a strategy for corporate social responsibility.


Marketing. Communication. Media

Our team of designers may be young graduates but they have developed a wealth of experience with clients working in different sectors – everything from automotive to fast moving consumer goods; from shopping malls to international organizations; from international hotels to global household brand names.

We have strengths in developing brand identities for new and emerging businesses. We have also developed well-known international brands by applying them to the national market.

The team was instrumental in the strong design that underpinned Palestine’s PR & Communications Conference for 2010 (see Training and Events)


As your training partner, we can provide a range of services – from simply hosting your event and making sure that your delegates are met in a professional way and ensuring quality facilities are used, to developing an extensive training programme for your staff members. Ougarit Group has provided training courses for local and international organizations (private sector, public sector, civil society and national institutions) working with both local and international training partners.

Note: We work with a range of training partners. The trainer shown in this video is not an employee of Ougarit Group.







Event Management

Event Management

Managing a successful event takes more preparation than most people realize. It involves everything from developing a brief outline of the training concept, to writing the content to deciding how the day will run. We can also undertake PR activities to publicize your events and ensure that you receive appropriate coverage in the local media and increase attendance.

Palestine PR & Communications Conference 2010
Palestine PR & Communications Conference 2010Palestine’s inaugural PR & Communications Conference in Nablus, November 2010 was initiated and managed by Ougarit Group. Working as lead organization, we developed all documentation, coordinated travel for local and international speakers and managed associated logistics.
Ougarit made sure that the event remained as energy efficient and as environmentally friendly as possible. With over 650 attendees from government, public and private sector, universities, municipalities and the media, the day was deemed a great success with over 350 delegates remaining until the very end of the day.



Al Qalam Printing

Part of the Ougarit Group, Al Qalam Publishing & Printing Company offers a wide range of print services. Working with traditional Heidelberg print machines we can offer a very high quality print finish. We also provide digital and specialist print services. Being ‘on-site’ at the Ougarit Building (in Al-Bireh, Ramallah) means our print process is much faster, as we can quickly undertake quality control checks with the Creative Department...  to ensure that the finished product constantly meets the client’s wishes every time.

Al Qalam is a member of the Palestinian Paper Federation and the Chamber of Commerce. Working in cooperation with the Palestine Paper Federation, Al Qalam offers vocational training opportunities to young men in order for them to develop printing skills, with an opportunity for potential future employment with Al Qalam.

Palestine Business Focus Magazine


Palestine Business Focus magazine is the first business magazine from Palestine in English to be distributed globally, serving both the local business market and diaspora. It is part of Business Focus Productions Worldwide and is represented in Palestine by The Ougarit Group.

The magazine targets local and international readers, SMEs, and corporate businesses. It is published quarterly and subscriptions can be purchased.

Main objectives are:

• Promote investment in Palestine
• Branding Palestine as a friendly environment for investment
• Changing stereotypes about Palestine, and of business in the Arab world.

The magazine features interviews with leading business people and entrepreneurs. Business advice is provided by entrepreneurs, CEOs and other local business professionals. There is a regular column covering businesses that have invested in Palestine, highlighting the benefits and challenges of doing so.
Regular columns offer an insight into the personalities and sectors that are helping to develop the Palestinian economy.

Prices are:

Palestine/Jordan 10JD
Qatar 25QR
Kuwait 2KD
Oman 2.50OR
Bahrain 2.50BD
Saudi Arabia 25SR
Europe €10
UK £7



Home / Our Clients

Our Clients


Here is a selection of our past and current clients:

National Beverage Company (Coca Cola National Distributor)

Reckitt Benckiser

Al-Arz Ice Cream Company

Sbitany (Electrical retailer)

Agence Francaise de Developement

UN World Health Organization


Women’s Documentation and Research Centre (UNSCO)

Safad (Hewlett-Packard brand products)

BIS IT company

Wataniya Computer Company

Birzeit University

Al Quds Open University

World Vision


Jerusalem Pharmaceuticals

Palestinian Working Woman Society

Palestine Women’s Committees

F.A. Hanna (Wella, Neutrogena, Johnson & Johnson, Energizer and Rock)

Balsam Factory

Home / Our News

Our News




Note: We work with a range of training partners. The trainer shown in this video is not an employee of Ougarit Group.




















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Contact Us


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Tel: (+972) 02 29 88 488
Fax: (+972) 02 92 83 705
Mobile: (+972) 059 8 288 488

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